Anatomy of an optimized location page

by Chris Ransick

To succeed in local search, multi-location businesses need to create optimized location pages. This needs to be done for each location individually. A single location page for all your locations, with links to maps, will not help a branch rank well in Google's local search.

Whether you have two locations or thousands, it's crucial to present Google and all search engines with the right information and content. Doing so allows search engines to distinguish between different locations and present the right one to customers who search for it.

An optimized location page needs to be more than just location hours, services, and a map. It needs to sell. An optimized location page is your opportunity to convince a prospective customer that your business is the one they want to do business.

The business location web page below is an example of what a location can be, a vehicle that provides the content that search engines look for, and the information prospective customers will find useful along with CTA links, business reviews, and web calls.

Multi-Location Optimized Page Design

Image of the location with signage showing
The image should be complementary to the building. It should show signage and not have cars or people.

SEO and the location identifier/page keyword Info
The first piece of information should be the location identification/page keyword/H1. This is an essential piece of your page SEO and should align with the branch identification/page keyword: H1: 3401 Coors Blvd NW

Location address
Address and location phone number accuracy is critical and needs to match your locations Google Business Profile number exactly. The phone number should be set-up as a web dial, enabling customers to click the number to make a direct web call.

Google Maps provides a map as a share. By embedding the shared Google Map, you create a direct link to Google on your location page, making a powerful SEO signal. Embedded Google maps also provide a clickable directions link.

Business hours
After the address, the next content Google looks for is business hours. It is essential that the hours listed on your location page align with the hours reported on your branches Google Business Profile listing.

Link to the holiday schedule
We suggest that you create a separate "Holiday Schedule" page to manage the holiday calendar; this will enable holiday content to be managed in one place instead of multiple pages.

Get directions button
Because the Google "Directions" link doesn't stand out, we suggest a secondary "Get Directions" button.

Multi-Location Page Design

About the location
The "About This Location"  contains a piece of content specifically about the 3401 Coors Blvd NW location and includes two mentions of the page keyword.

Additional location information
Provide as much information about your locations additional services. in this example we have included the number of ATMs, the type of services they provide, and the languages the ATM speak.

Provide a full list of the products your business offers. Link each product listed to the product information on the website. The products listed here should also match the products listed on the branch Google Business Profile (GBP) listing.

How can we help CTA
Take advantage of the space and offer a way for customers to setup an appointment from your website.‍

Services offered
Provide a full list of the services provided at the location. Once again, the services listed here should match the services listed on your business location's GBP.

Talk to us right now CTA
Provide as many ways for a customer to reach out to your business. The call can be made right from the location web page via a mobile device or computer call.

Multi-Location Optimized Page Design

Customer reviews
The Digital Reputation Group feels customer reviews can be a businesses secret acquisition weapon. Recent research has shown that over 90% of internet using customers read reviews before making a purchase. Showing reviews about a specific locations strengthen the locations attractiveness.

Reviews also perform three other vital jobs, 1) reviews count as over 15% towards your local Google ranking, 2) reviews that are dynamically added, as they are received count as new content by Google, another important ranking signal, and 3) since the GBP account owner can comment on reviews, the branch can show how they listen to their customer's comments.

Multi-Location Optimized Page Design

Branch staff
Nothing humanizes a business location page, like showing the staff of a branch. Here a business can show as many staff members as it would like. The Digital Reputation Group thinks the more, the better. In this example, we show four staff members, listing their names and titles. Including a short bio here is also an option. It is important to use professional headshots of your staff since you want to make the branch as inviting as possible to potential customers.

Fun facts
Fun facts are another way a business can humanize a location to prospective customers.

Nearby locations
The nearby location section is a great way to add landmarks (which help with ranking) to your location page. Each location is linked to the map and will provide directions when clicked.

Multi-Location Optimized Page Design

Trending topics
Trending topics provides another way to provide location related content to customers. Each subject links to another section of the website, which provides the full content. Another way to do trending topics is to provide Q&A's.

Product CTA
An excellent way to end your location page is with a CTA ad.

Multi-Location Optimized Page Design

Include any legal at the bottom relating to third party links which may appear on the branch page

To find out more about location page design, their essential role in local search, and their potential ROI for your business, please feel free to reach out to Chris Ransick at the Digital Reputation Group: for a free audit of your current execution.

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