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The Digital Reputation Group helps businesses manage their digital presence across all locations using advanced local SEO, review management, and customer experience solutions. Whether you have 2 or 100’s of locations, let us show you what we can do.
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Multi Location Marketing
n, Multi-Site Practices

Outshine your competition with your customer experience

Empower growth and develop deeper relationships, from the first hello to happy customers and beyond. Grow your traffic and convert more visitors into customers at scale across all locations.
The Customer experience cycle


Manage all your locations at scale

More than 70% of online searches happen through Google. Ensure your brand is visible in the top search results by working with the Digital Reputation Group to claim and manage your company’s Google Business Profile (GBP) listings.
Multi-location Google My Business
Multiple Location Websites


Websites optimized for multi-location businesses

Search engines and mobile phones have forever changed marketing for multi-location businesses. If customers can’t easily search and find your business website for each location, you will lose business. The Digital Reputation Group develops high performance websites that combine expert design, architectural chops, technical skills, and SEO to rank highly in search engines and Google local search for all locations.


Control all your location listings and rank higher online

The Digital Reputation Group enables you to update business information for all locations directly from your dashboard and auto-sync changes across 50+ sites with just the click of your mouse.
Multi-location listings
You got 545 new reviews this week!
Multi location review generation, multi site review generation


Grow revenue with reviews

Studies have shown that a 1-star increase in ratings equates to a 5-9% increase in revenue. Your own customers can power your new revenue growth. The Digital Reputation Group integrates with over 1,000 CRMs and PMSs and automatically sends review requests after each appointment. Get more reviews with email and SMS. Customize review requests with your branding and get reviews on the sites that matter most to you, like Google and Healthgrades.


Use customer interactions to drive business growth at all your locations

Connect with website visitors, text customers, and get more leads. Maintain your current customers and be able to achieve lifelong value through their continued loyalty.
Patient Engagement
Enterprise review marketing


Own local markets with influential customer-generated content

Allow customer words to increase trust, loyalty, social proof, and revenue in all your site markets. Reinforce SEO, SEM, and social media marketing campaigns in all your markets by automatically sharing your best reviews to your website, social channels, and SEO-optimized Digital Reputation Group profile. 


Hear what your customers are saying, everywhere

Our online review monitoring tool displays your customer feedback from 150+ sites. Manage your team efficiently with role-based dashboards and custom alert settings at every level: corporate, regional, and local.
Multi-Location Review Monitoring
Review Management Campaigns


Make your review acquisition smart

Analyze your funnel and measure campaign efficiency with advanced, real-time reporting. Recognize how your multi-location business performs at an enterprise and location level with over 70 reports.


Out perform local and national competition at scale

Understand your competitor’s customers better than they do. Analyze insights into your competitors’ reviews and benchmark against regional or direct competition. Spot leading and lagging themes and take swift corrective action on each specific issue for each location.
Enterprise Benchmarking
Practice Insights


Enhance operations and achieve high-level growth

Uncover trending themes across sites to fine-tune services and operations. Discover unique customer and business data throughout the entire customer journey. Recognize and understand your strengths and weaknesses at each location with advanced analytics. Use relevant data to implement modifications and track customer experience improvements.

Let the Digital Reputation Group put the power of multi-location local SEO marketing to work for your businesses

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