Google Business Profile (GBP) Set-up Checklist

A resource for single and multi-location businesses

The importance of being found
As more than half of online searches are unbranded or near me (meaning “bank Albuquerque” vs. Albuquerque bank), it is of utmost importance that you are being found online. When found, your business needs to make sure everything your inquiring customers find is accurate. This is especially true for businesses with multiple locations and multiple GBP pages. Correctly setting up a single GBP or multiple GBP pages can be a daunting task. Hence, we at the Digital Reputation Group have simplified the process and developed a checklist to help out.

What's in this checklist:
- How to set up a Google Account for single and multi-locations
- Basic set-up of GBP for single and multiple locations businesses
- Advanced GBP optimizations

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